About Me

Hi! I’m Markelle Wass. I am a part-time RN, a full-time Firefighter’s wife, mama to 3 rambunctious and amazing growing boys, and an ex-infertility patient. I’m a nurse by trade, but being a mom is my main gig, and I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home with my boys just about every day!

Getting to be a happy family of 5 was not easy, and I have learned so much along the way! After spending tens of thousands of dollars on infertility treatments, including 3 failed rounds of IVF, we were tapped-out financially, and I decided to take things into my own hands. I became an obsessive researcher, determined to find the key to getting pregnant when all else seemed to have failed. The punchline: we got pregnant naturally! When even the “best of the best” doctors weren’t able to help us, it turned out that my body knew what to do on it’s own all along, and I know it was thanks to the techniques, tricks and lifestyle changes that we made.

I’m one of those freaks of nature who loves being pregnant, from A to Z, and if my husband was on board, there wouldn’t be an end to our baby-making anytime soon! I’m a firm believer that pregnancy and childbirth don’t have to be miserable, you just have to know how to embrace it and roll with the punches!

With a hubby who is gone at work for 48 hours at a time or more, being a mom of 3 young boys has been sink or swim! I’m excited to share with you how things like breastfeeding and babywearing have helped to save my sanity, and some of the other ins and outs of this crazy, awesome journey called Mamahood that I’ve learned along the way. I’m so glad you’re here to share the ride!

XO, Markelle