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This post is a little off the beaten path for Have Coffee Will Mom, but as a mom, cleaning is a big part of what we do, am I right? I was vacuuming my floors a few days ago, and thinking to myself how much I love my vacuum… and then I thought it was kind of strange to have that thought. Who thinks about how awesome their vacuum is?! If you wish you had a vacuum worth daydreaming about, read on:

How to Pick the Best Vacuum & Review! 

It’s taken a long time to find the perfect vacuum for me, and I thought it might help other moms, or anyone really, if I shared a review of my favorite vacuums and why I love them. This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any type of discount or compensation for providing this review, so you can trust that it is my own unbiased and honest opinion.

First, a little bit about our flooring situation. We recently moved, and now have a LOT of flooring to vacuum- nearly 3500 sq ft of it.  Add to that 3 messy little eaters, a Golden Retriever who sheds so much I’m surprised he’s not bald, and a cat who leaves hair and a trail of litter all over the house, and you can see why having a vacuum that rocks is a must for this mama!

Now I have to tell you, my husband says I have a weird obsession with vacuums, because I have a bit of a collection. I use each of them for different areas of the house, and will share with you why a few of my favorites are so lovable, what they are best used for, and if they come up short in any areas.

I’ll start with my baby first, the iRobot Roomba

irobot roomba vacuum How to pick the best vacuum & review

The Roomba was my husband and my first “big” purchase as new homeowners over 10 years ago. When you are 18 and 20 years old, and fresh out of your parent’s house, spending $300+ on a vacuum is a big deal!  Our house was much smaller then, only 800 sq ft and change, and had all laminate flooring. Fast forward to our third and current home, and we now have a mix of hardwood, tile and carpet, and let me tell you, this vacuum rocks on all surfaces!!

When we moved I convinced my husband for my Mother’s Day gift that we needed to update our old Roomba, which was getting a little tired, to a newer model, and it is amazing how well it works! I loved my old Roomba, but I really love my new one!  If you have tried a Roomba in the past and may not have been all that impressed, the newer models are definitely improved and worth their weight in gold! We now have the iRobot Roomba 650 and yeah, it’s my baby.


Depending on the bells and whistles you choose, like extra cleaning boost, charge and resume or even wifi capability, the Roomba ranges in price from about $320 all the way up to $900. The model I have is on the lower end of that, but I don’t feel like it is lacking anything by not having some of the added features.

Why I love it: 

First, the obvious, it vacuums by itself! Being able to passively cross a significant chore off my list is a godsend. The Roomba has a built in timer which allows you to schedule it to clean on its own, anytime of the day or night that you want. When I was working outside of the house before having kids, I would set my Roomba to come on everyday and vacuum while I was at work. It is amazing how even if the dishes are uncleaned, or the laundry is piled up, just coming home to clean floors makes such a huge difference in getting that clean feeling when walking in the door.

Now that I am home most days, I either set the timer for my Roomba to vacuum at night while we sleep, just manually press the clean button when we are heading out of the house for a bit, or even send it cleaning while we are home. It is quiet enough to where it doesn’t drive you crazy, and we don’t even hear it downstairs while we are sleeping upstairs. When it is done vacuuming, or when the battery needs to be charged, the Roomba finds its way back to the included charging dock and parks itself. All you have to do before it is ready to go again is empty the trash bin.

My original Roomba really excelled on hard surfaces, like hardwood, laminate and tile, but what has surprised me the most about my newer model Roomba is how well it does on carpet! The Roomba vacuums that are currently available on the market pick up an amazing amount when used on both hard surfaces and carpet. It does a great job of picking up pet and people hair, dirt, dust, food, and anything else in its path. I now use my Roomba as my main vacuum for our carpeted rooms because it outperforms my older upright vacuum. The picture at the top of this post shows what it sucked up from only one carpeted room in my house!

how to choose the best vacuum & review

The Roomba comes with a set of sensors that can be put in place and used as a “virtual wall” to keep the vacuum from going anywhere you don’t want it to go, like down the stairs or in a room that is off limits. This allows anyone with a multi-story home to use the Roomba as well. I use the sensors to block off the top of my stairs when it is cleaning upstairs and they work great.

Where I use it:

I use my Roomba throughout my whole house. The battery holds its charge long enough to do one level at a time, so I do need to charge it between vacuuming the upstairs and the downstairs. It rocks on our carpet floors upstairs just as much as it does on our hardwood and tile floors downstairs. The only place that I am not able to use the Roomba is on the stairs themselves and on upholstery or furniture.

What’s not to love:

As much as I love my Roomba, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. I’ll be honest, my house isn’t always picked up. Shocker, huh? With the Roomba being a robot and not a person, it isn’t able to navigate around small toys or clothes that are left on the ground, so I am not always able to “send it” as much as I would like. What that does do though, is encourage me to pick up more often so that the Roomba can do it’s thing, so it’s not all bad.

Another thing that isn’t perfect about the Roomba, or maybe it’s my furniture, is the height. I have one piece of furniture in particular that the Roomba gets stuck under if I don’t block it off. It’s an easy fix though, I just move a couple of bar stools in front of the hutch to block the Roomba from trying to go under it and getting stuck.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend the iRobot Roomba. You can read thousands of other reviews and/ or purchase the one I use and love here:


white miele canister vacuum, How to pick the best vacuum & review www.havecoffeewillmom.comMy #2 fav, the Miele

While my Roomba is my go-to everyday vacuum, my Miele is my workhorse. When we moved from our smaller one-story house into our two-story house, the old school upright and Roomba combo weren’t cutting it for special spots like the stairs. This is when I got my Miele and fell in love.

I first used the Miele at my mom’s house, after she raved about it. She has two dogs, one of which is a German Shepard who sheds a ton, and sang its praises, so I thought I would give it a try. I tried hers and loved it, so I added one to my own vacuum arsenal. I’ve now had mine for about 2 years, and it works as great as the day I bought it.

The Miele is a canister vacuum, so it is perfect for jobs like stairs, furniture, and inside the car. It’s extra long wand is a huge plus, because that means you can vacuum without having to bend over, so it saves your back, while its telescoping feature allows it to shrink down for closer spots just as easily. It comes with a handy set of attachments that are perfect for getting tight spots like the crevices in the car or baseboards.

Another reason I love this vacuum is because of the filtration and sealed bag system that keeps 99.99% of irritation causing dust and allergens contained. Having a bagged system does mean that you have to replace them when they become full, but it is an efficient system that really packs in the debris, so you don’t have to change them very often.


Like the Roomba, the Miele comes in several different models, which lends to a wide range in price, starting at about $289 and going all the way up to $1000+. The model I have is the Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner in Lotus White, and cost about $330.

Why I love it: 

There is a lot to love about this guy! First of all, it is German made and built to last. Knowing that the vacuum is going to hold up to frequent use for years to come makes the investment in a pricy vacuum a lot easier. It is super lightweight, so I can roll it along behind me with ease. The long telescoping wand and excellent filtration system I mentioned above are also wonderful features.

The most important reason I love my Miele, is that it works so great! It sucks up any type of hair, dirt or debris in its path the first pass, making vacuuming a quick and painless task!

Shhh… hear that?? The Miele is quiet! I adore how quiet this vacuum is, while still being powerful. I get overstimulated really easily when there is too much noise, and tend to turn into Grumpy Mama, so having a vacuum that isn’t roaring with noise every time I use it is a must for me. Its regular operating noise is very tolerable, and even better, it has a quiet mode that you can activate with the turn of a dial, which makes it even quieter!

How to pick the best vacuum & review

Where I use it: 

My Miele is what I grab anytime I need to do any type of “specialized” vacuuming.  It is the perfect tool to grab and use for vacuuming out the car, sucking up kid-crumbs and pet hair off the furniture, or for quickly vacuuming the house. It really excels on hard surfaces, like tile, wood or laminate, but lacks luster on carpet, so for that reason I do not use it for whole rooms that are carpeted. It does, however, do a great job vacuuming my medium- high pile carpeted stairs, and I would say that this is the main task I use it for nowadays.

What’s not to love: 

The main drawback for this model Miele is it’s lack of performance on carpet. While it works great for small carpeted areas, like the stairs, it won’t cut it as a main vacuum for carpeted rooms. If you like the sound of the Miele but are looking for a vacuum that will do well in a house with more carpet, I would recommend looking into some of the higher model Mieles that are made to preform better on carpet, or keep reading to see the gem that’s on my vacuum wish list!

Another minor annoyance is the power cord. It’s length always seems just a bit too shy to reach everywhere I need to go without having to unplug and move to another outlet. The way I solved this  problem is that I attached a small extension cord to the plug and just leave it on all the time, so I am able to have a larger cleaning radius.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a versatile, durable and capable vacuum, I definitely recommend the Miele. You can read hundreds of other reviews and/ or purchase the one I use and love here:

And now for a fun bonus, the vacuum that is on my wish list:

The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed

shark duoclean powered lift away How to pick the best vacuum & review

I’ll admit it, I love infomercials. Before we cut out cable, I would find myself drawn in to them, usually in the middle of the night, and sometimes notice that hours had gone by while watching them. That being said, this Shark vacuum has been on my wish list for a while. Being the vacuum geek that I am, when my sister told me that she bought the Shark DuoClean, I have to admit I was kind of jealous!

I am excited for a day soon that she will let me borrow it to try it out, but until then I can go off her glowing review of it.

What has me itching to get my hands on one of these is that she says it is every bit as good as the infomercials portray it to be! According to her, it works wonders on both hard surfaces and carpet alike, which is a huge plus, because as mentioned above, not every vacuum can tout that feat. She purchased both a Dyson and a non-DuoClean Shark model vacuum before this one and quickly returned them both because they didn’t meet her needs, and says that this vacuum far outperforms them both.

What makes the Shark DuoClean so versatile is that it can be used as an upright vacuum for cleaning large areas, or as a canister vacuum, like the Miele, for working on areas like the stairs, car, or furniture. Being able to have essentially two killer vacuums in one makes this thing so cool. It is reviewed to have great suction power which is a must for any vacuum.

The Shark DuoClean has a bagless system, so no need to purchase and replace bags, and also is HEPA rated for allergen and dust trapping.


The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed comes in right about the same as the other vacuums in this review, at $330.

Why I love want it: 

Since I don’t yet own one, I can’t say that I love it yet, but judging from my sister’s positive experience, I can only imagine that it will be a winner. The ability to vacuum large areas of different flooring types, including carpet, puts it high on my wish list. Add to that the ability to transform from an upright to a canister, and it makes it even more desirable.

Where I use it my sister uses it: 

My sister sings its praises for use on hard surfaces, carpet, stairs, furniture… pretty much everywhere! Winning!

What’s not to love: 

Although she hasn’t had her Shark DuoClean for a terribly long time (only a couple of months), at this point my sister says she has no complaints!

After reading some reviews on amazon, one negative that I have seen people bring up is it’s narrow cleaning head. It was designed this way to fit under or between smaller places, but this does mean that it will take a few extra passes to fully clean a room. Another thing noted is that the trash canister might be on the smaller size, so it requires frequent dumping.

All that being said, this baby is on the top of my wish list! Do I need another vacuum? No. Do I still want it? Heck yes!  If you want to read more reviews and/ or pick up one for yourself, you can do it right here:

Have a vacuum that you think other readers and I might want to geek out about? Share it with us in the comments!

XO, Markelle